First snowfall of 2015

We had our first snowfall of 2015.  It was a very frigid day in Lascassas, Tennessee.  My husband and I were surprised to see a dusting of snow on the ground when we awoke.

As I headed out while snowflakes were falling, I noticed most of the plants are dormant. However, the birds were very active at the feeders this morning, which I refilled for them so they would have plenty of food to provide them with energy to stay warm on such a cold day.

There was a large male cardinal, a female also, and a couple chickadees that watched as I brought them more black sunflower seeds.  They seem to like those the best.  I have mixed seed in the second feeder and it lasts at least three times longer than the feeder I fill with the sunflower seeds.  The finches prefer the sunflower seed also rather than the thistle seed.

Toby (our American Bulldog Boxer Mix) doesn’t like winter too much.  He hasn’t wanted to venture out today though I will have to insist before bed so he doesn’t wake me in the night to let him out.



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